Emerald or The Stone of Divine Inspiration

Emerald or The Stone of Divine Inspiration, has a magmatic origin in pegmatites, but can form also through metamorphosis in the contact zone of rocks that contain berilium and chrome. In the old culture of Europe and India the emerald is related with Mercury, the mesenger of the gods.


Spiritually : The emerald stimulates spiritual growth and clarivoyance, the sense of beauty, of harmony and justice. Helps us to be sincere, entrepreneurs and full of energy. It foments the friendship, love and unity for couples.

Subconsciously : Helps to overcome bad experiences that the destiny bestowed on us. Brings equity, open-mindedness, recuperation and regeneration.


Mentally : The emerald provides clarity, maintains us alert and alows us to have a large vision of things, as it makes posible a profound and mutual understanding with other persons.

Phisically : Improves the visual ability, heals inflamations of the paranasal sinuses and upper repiratory system. Reinforces the heart, stimulates the function of the liver, has a detoxifying effect and decreases reumatic pain. It is a strengthner of the inmune system, favoring the recovery in infectious diseasses.



Application : The emerald can be worn as jewlery, placed on the body in areas of pain or used in meditation. The essence of emerald is a very healing tool.



References: Michael Gienger – Crystal Power, Crystal Healing  the complete handbook.


Amazonite or The Stone of Courage

Amazonite or The Stone of Courage , belongs  to the feldspat family and got its colors from copper. Denominated ” the stone of the Amazons” for the equalization with the nefrite wich the indians said its origins are in the “Black River”, in the country of ” the women without men”.


Spiritually :  Amazonite stimulates the autodetermination. Helps liberate oneself of the program of being a  victim of  a tragic destiny, it incites to hold on to the reins of our life.

Subconsciously : It compensates the extreme oscilations of the subconscious having a calming effect. It eliminates the grieving process and the anxiety. It brings a healthy belief in The Higher Power.


Mentally : Amazonite helps solve problems by combining two powerful atributes the mind and the intuition.

Physically : It regulates the metabolic alterations in the liver and acts as a relaxing vibration.


Application : The best way is to wear the stone as a ring or pendant , applying it on the areas you need and meditate  or internally as a essence of precious stone.



References: Michael Gienger – Crystal Power, Crystal Healing  the complete handbook.

Citrine or The Merchant’s Stone


Citrine or The Merchant’s Stone for its properties of increase in the cashbox, sparkling yellow Citrine not only assists in acquiring wealth, but helps in maintaining it.


Spiritually citrine stimulates the individuality, self confidence and the will to live
Sunny Citrine has a joyful vibration that transmits outward to those nearby, making it ideal for any setting.

Subconsciously helps overcome depression and liberate one self from opressive influences. It brings out a extrovertite energy stimulating in this way self expression.


Mentally: Citrine is often credited with attracting synchronicity by opening the mind to new ideas, discerning which are most likely to succeed, allowing those to develop, and following through with them to their happy conclusion.Natural Citrine is a premier stone of manifestation, imagination, and personal will.

Physically: Citrine activates the digestion. Helps with  the functions of the stomach, spleen and pancreas. Citrine strenghtens the nerveous system and possess a warming effect.


Application: Citrine must be always worn in contact with the skin or used as a crystal sphere for meditation, generators and citrine natural points are powerfull too.

Tourmaline or The Wisdom Stone

Tourmaline or The Wisdom Stone is the most versatile of minerals for its uses in therapy are as  multiple as the colours it displays. Classified in function of its mineral elements we have seven distinct categories worth mentioning even thou the classification is for the one colour tourmaline, as follows: Dravite(brown, yellow, green, gray), Elbaite( all colours including colourless), Indicolite(Blue ), Rubelite( Red, Pink), Verdelite( Green), Schorl(Black) and Uvite(clear brown to dark brown).


Rubelite Tourmaline

Spiritualy, from this point of view the multicoloured Elbaite helps to concentrate the spirit, the soul, the logic and the body in a harmonic unity. Beginning from this “totality” wisdom and creativity will develop. The Indicolite powers the will for spiritual liberty. The Dravite stimulates social sense, the disposition to help and social compromise. The Verdelite provides vital happiness and incites us to be grateful for the miracles of life. The Rubelite makes us ambicious, but flexible enough to know to control our goals and if necessary correct them. The Schorl foments neutrality and serenity. Watermelon tourmaline provides comprehension, love and friendship.


Dravite Tourmaline

Subconsciously the multicoloured Elbaite stimulates the world of images and creative day dreams and night dreams. The Indicolite frees sadness, unlocks feelings and relaxes us. The Dravite makes possible empathy, helps in case of family problems or with anxiety in large groups of people. The Verdelite makes us more patient and opened, at the same time foments our interest for our neighbour. The Rubelite stimulates sociability, an entrepreneur spirit and charm. The Schorl dissipates tension, protects from negative thoughts and helps us in stress situation and preoccupation. The Watermelon tourmaline makes us patient, loving and delicate. Mitigates depressions and fears and helps to protect and to develop the sense of protection from within ourselves.


Schorl Tourmaline

Mentally the multicoloured Elbaite stimulates the imaginative thinking, the attention and fantasy. The Indicolite opens up horizons and strengths the tolerance and the sense of responsibility. The Dravite foments pragmatic  and simple creativity and provides manual ability. The Verdelite helps us view multiple possible solutions in every situation, from which we will choose the best one. The Black Tourmaline ( Schorl ) potentates clear lines of  logic and rational thinking. Helps to recognize errors ad analyse them. The Watermelon Tourmaline facilitates expression of our own intentions with clear and concise form.


Indicolite Tourmaline

Phisically the Elbaite stimulates the activity of hormonal glands, the metabolism and the immune system. The Indicolite activates the water levels and also the functioning of the kidneys and bladder. Helps burns cure without scars. The Dravite potentates the regenerative force of the cells, tissues and organs. Helps in cases of chronic muscular stiffness and pathological cases of the skin. The Verdelite strengthens the heart and has a detoxification effect. The Rubelite improves energy flow and nervous transmission. Stimulates the function of gonads, irrigation and purification of the blood in the spleen and liver. The Black Tourmaline acts as a pain reliever . It can be used to make scars disappear and also neutralizes the influences produced by exposure to certain types of radiation. The Watermelon Tourmaline stimulates  the regeneration of nervous cells. Helps with bruises, paralysis and multiple sclerosis.


Uvite Tourmaline

Application the tourmaline can be worn or placed on the affected parts of the body. To activate the flow of energy in the meridians lines, crystals must be aligned with the point in the direction of the energy flow. The elixirs are also of fast and intense action.


Multicoloured Elbaite Tourmaline

Malachite or The Paradise Stone

Malachite or The Paradise Stone represents seduction, sensuality, beauty, aesthetics and the arts of the muses. It is a carbonate class mineral originating in areas with oxidized copper.

Spiritually helps empathize with the experiences of others and experimenting their thinking and feeling. Stimulates the wish to know eliminating the fear of the unknown. Allows us to visualize our wishes, needs and ideas, even thou their realization is our task.
Subconsciously the malachite stimulates the interior vision of the world we live in . It eliminates inhibitions and stimulates the expression of feelings. The moods are lived with intensity and are freed as quick as they were generated.

Mentally strengthens the conceptual comprehension of things and ideas. Malachite increase the power of the gift of observation, this way increases the capacity and pleasure fore critique and confrontation.
Physically malachite has a antispasmodic effect. Helps in case of menstrual affection and facilitates birth. Foments hepatic activity, detoxifiates, relives rheumatism and facilitate  the de-acidification of tissues.

Application: It is a stone that brings its effects by being worn over long periods of time or in meditation over the affected parts of the body. The elixirs have a very energetic effect .


References: Michael Gienger – Crystal Power, Crystal Healing  the complete handbook. 

Lapis Lazuli or The Emperor’s Stone

Lapis Lazuli or the Emperor’s Stone named this way for its ritual use in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt . The name  lapis-lazuli comes from Persian and translates along as “blue stone”.

Afghanistan Mining
Spiritually lapis-lazuli brings wisdom, sincerity and highlights the interior truth, with a lapis-lazuli one becomes “Emperor” of his “Spiritual” empire. It is also considered a friendship stone.
Subconsciously stimulates self consciousness, dignity, sincerity and honesty. Provides sociability and helps communicate perceptions and feelings.

Mentally helps surpass conflicts, brings the truth in the eye of the mind and helps accepting it, also aids  with the expression of ones opinion serving as a key tool in communication.
Physically lapis-lazuli alleviates affections of the throat, larynx and vocal cords. Decreases arterial hypertension, regulates the function of the thyroid gland and prolongs  the menstrual cycle.

Application : It can be used in meditation applied on the third eye chakra. It can also be worn for periods of time as a necklace for its energy vibrates on the level of the throat chakra.

Note: This is a stone that is best to avoid having long term contact with water as it will lose its deep blue colour also causing the sparkly pyrite to oxidise and turn black.


References: Michael Gienger – Crystal Power, Crystal Healing  the complete handbook.