Everyday we go about our things… learning, loving, caring, just a multitude of processes that are meant to transform and enhance our individual and collective awareness.
In that sense our shop is going through major transformation due to our own personal growth .
Since some time now we felt that the name of our store CiuDoodles did no longer represent our energy and aspirations in this world so we have decided to change it … arriving at last upon a name that is much more in tune and grasps the very essence of our idea in working with crystals.

Anima Mundi or World’s Soul is a latin name for a concept or idea explaining the existence and functionality of the connection between Spirit or Pure Thought and Matter.
We think that this name gives us exactly what we needed, because in working with crystals you realise that this world indeed has a soul in which everyone of us contributes with good or bad, consciously or unconsciously regardless of our strength of will at participating.

Each item is made with care and love worthy of a masterpiece honoring the Mother Earth and all the elements used in creating the accessories that not only embellish the wearer but also can aid in emotional equilibrium, healing, meditation, guidance.

Most of our jewelry are created using natural gemstones/ crystals. We hand select each one for its beauty, energy and distinct properties that emanates from them.

Anima Mundi Crystals started small using affordable materials to create a collection of works but in time we decided to take a step further and invest in higher quality materials not only to be able to provide higher standards of jewelry but also to be able to unleash our creativity in a way it was not possible before.

Our goal is to keep growing so that our art can evolve, being able this way to offer to the world what we receive at the other end by working with these crystals. We are but a way for this precious little bearers of vibration to get into your life.

Our motto is :

“ The EARTH without ART is just “EH” ”

Our Handmade Jewelry Etsy shop can be found here:




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