Fire Opal or The Conqueror’s Stone

Fire Opal or The Conqueror’s Stone is formed primarily trough the solidification of the magmatic gels of silica acid in the volcanic regions with hot springs and gheizers. In mythology the fire opal is considered to be a stone from Mars. Considered the stone of the discoverer’s and conquerors, assuring the holder of great success and that he will overcome all risk. It owe’s its colour to the content in iron.


Spiritually : The fire opal brings dynamism, initiative and new ideas. Awakes the interior fire, helps to put in a lot of work in very little time and to incite very quickly other people.

Subconsciously : It revives, it makes one extrovert and a risk lover. It awakens , stimulates and brings happiness, enthusiasm and enjoyment of sexuality. Occasionally fire opal makes one a little bit explosive, allowing in this way a quick discharge of accumulated energy.

opalaholic 010

Mentally : The fire opal helps to take of. Freeing you of long reflections, brings quick comprehension and stimulates the proceeding. With the fire opal you can emotionally determine the thinking process that revives with the challenges.

Physically : It repairs all the symptoms of energy deficiency. Stimulate the sexual organs and activates the supra-renal glands in the production of adrenaline.


Application : Fire opal has a very intense effect when placed on the interior border of the pubic area or it is carried in he pocket of the trousers. For meditation is better to contemplate it in silence.



References: Michael Gienger – Crystal Power, Crystal Healing  the complete handbook.

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