Diamond or The Untameable Stone

Diamond or The Untameable Stone, is pure carbon and can be perfectly clean of impurities being the hardest of all the minerals. Due to its minimum in content of other minerals the dimond  can show various colors. Nitrogen produce the yellow  and green colours, aluminium, oxigen, magnesium, iron and boron produce the blue colour and manganese the colour pink.


Spiritually : The Diamond brings pure konwledge of ones vital situation. It provides order in life and  helps stop lazy compromises. Favors spiritual liberty, so one can be invincible, you can say, true to ones nature. Generates  objectivity, the ability to do the right thing free of all prejudice.

Subconsciouslly : Helps to overcome fear, depressions and folly feelings. The Diamond makes us take conscious note of the root of problems or illnesses and helps contemplate them objectively. We get in this way a better control of our interior image, of our feelings and moods,  in other word a better control of our lives.


Diamond cut.

Mentally : The Diamond helps to control the consequences of ones conduct. Stimulates logical thought and makes possible discover great relationships. Encourages the ability to learn, brings about new impressions, immediately after the lived expirience.

Physically : It can be used always or when it is necessary a recognition and a change in life that was postponed. Heals especially the illnesses that affects organs that have direct relationship with the spiritual activity, for example the brain, the nerveous system, sensorial organs and the hormonal glands. The Diamond favours all  the cleansing process of the organisim. Upgrading our spiritual control it also strengthens our body control.


Aplication : The Diamond can be worn as a jewlery and also in meditation on the third eye chackra. The Diamond also strengthens the effects of other crystals.



References: Michael Gienger – Crystal Power, Crystal Healing  the complete handbook.

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