A Spark Of Magic

When we speak about Anima Mundi Crystals we speak about transformation at all levels, spiritual ,mental and physical.

We started this project as a brainstorm and hands on creative “club” for two, and with time and without us noticing it became a way of life, it took courage from our part to change what we believed it was what we wanted to do then and adapt to what we really are meant to do in this journey called life.

As expected our hearts begun to flourish beneath the beauty and power of the crystals we work with, starting to understand and use sacred symbology in some of our creations with the purpose of enhancing the vibrational field of the crystals.

Our artistic past helped, and still does. Being very versatile artistic spirits it flowed naturally for us to develop different and various techniques such as copper electroforming and wire wrap to beautify crystals into unique wearable jewlery .

Through study, trials and failed experiments , it made us dive into subjects that in a normal situation we wouldn’t have got any interest in.

Anima Mundi Crystals was born into this world from the pure desire for creation, now it has grown and transformed out of a desire of superation, and with the certainty that change is forever shaping us as human beings and as artists!